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Achieve high results with the Explode kettlebells

Strength training includes exercises with various sports equipment, both for complex pumping of muscles and for work with specific areas. Tasks with free weights allow you to effectively work through all muscle groups.

The Explode kettlebells - professional equipment for all and everyone, who really aims at the result. Systematic trainings with high quality simulators - the maximum benefit from each workout.

The wide handle provides a comfortable and pleasant grip, preventing the aggregate from slipping out of the hand. The manufacturer's range includes of different weights, so you can choose your own variant both for beginners and professional athletes. A special vinyl coating protects the iron core from environmental damage, mechanical damage and corrosion. Vinyl also prevents damage to the floor when falling, minimizes noise when collision with a support or other sports equipment. The original colorful tinting will not only complement the interior of the gym, but also attract attention.

The kettlebells are produced in accordance with all requirements and quality standards, intended for a commercial use. It means they can resist dynamic "non-stop" loads 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. First-class equipment is a choice by the best gyms, which are concerned about the safety of their customers.

To improve the strength rating, to give muscular shape, to increase and strengthen muscle mass and to achieve great results – anything is possible with the Explode kettlebells. Solid construction is a guarantee of comfort and safety during the work out of any complexity.

The design harmoniously combines the power, the highest quality and stylish design. Effectively to work out all muscle groups can people of different age categories regardless of the level of physical conditioning. The complex of various exercises allows you to use your arms, shoulder girdle, back. Starting with the training program, you need "to warm up" your muscles well, increasing the load should be gradually.

Advantages of new generation equipment:

- is made of high quality materials;

- does not damage the surface;

- noise level when touching the other units and falling down is minimal;

- withstands intensive "non-stop" operation.

The modern Explode kettlebells satisfies the highest requirements of every athlete.

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