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About Explode

History. Explode is a brand that stated its name for reliable equipment for CrossFit training, the quality of which has been proved on international FIBO fitness trade shows (from 2014) by fans from Europe and all over the world. 
The series is a competitive line of CrossFit equipment on the worldwide level. The Explode stations and other products are successfully used in gyms of EU countries. Thuswise, it goes without saying that the Ukrainian manufacturer doesn't fall behind in terms of functionality, quality and reliability of the structure to the foreign trademarks. 

Characteristics. There is a mix of original design, attractiveness and wide functionality in the Explode series.  For the manufacturing of the products the high-quality 3mm steel was used, it can withstand up to 200kg, and some particular equipment up to 400kg. 

Distinctive features. The Explode Series has a wide functionality. The stations have standard functional frames with an option of additional modules. One station gives you assets for a great number of exercises for strength (press,  squats), balance, dexterity, speed (medball throwing and other exercises). Ergonomics of the equipment, in particular, an optimal position of the functional block, allows more than 10 athletes to workout at the same time. 

The range of the Explode series includes the equipment for CrossFit training and powerlifting. 
Explode - is the equipment, designed especially for the circular training needs, meets all the requirements of CrossFit training.

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