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Functional training is Explode

Explode the system of training you used to! A new era in the world of sports has come: the era of functional training, fresh solutions and high-quality programs.

Functional stations

An ultimate diversity of functional training for several athletes at the same time!

All the best in one place!


Power equipment

Comfort training with multipurpose equipment for the most intensive load.

The path to success!


Cardio equipment

The perfect way to start and finish the workout.

Train wisely!


Gymnastics and calisthenics

The exercises are natural and simple. Multifunctionality for the most effective workout.

Update your training area!


Functional Training

Universal equipment with universal functionality. Training freedom anytime and anywhere!

Push the boundaries in the world of sport!


Functional training container

Portable compact full-fledged functional training area with a diverse functionality.

Go mobile with functional training container!


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Delivery and return Delivery across Ukraine
Support Service24/7 - we work 7 days a week
PaymentCash, Visa/Master. Privat24 and other

The equipment of the new generation

Enough of the old-fashioned equipment that is tried-and-true! A new era in the sports world has come: the era of functional training, fresh solutions and high-quality programs that require proper equipment. Old exercisers no longer give the loads that are necessary for successful development.

With the set of Explode exercisers, you will discover, on one hand, a new world of light and simple products, on the other - perfect functionality.

Universal recognition in the world market

Since this equipment is a part of the professional series, special requirements are set for it. The opinion of sports fitness experts at international exhibitions was clear: now, there are modern high-quality functional training products, which are available at affordable prices in the Ukrainian market.

In addition, the products of the brand adequately compete with world brands, as it has a smart functional. The products are actively supplied to the countries of Europe and the EU, thuswise many professional athletes have already made their positive opinion regarding its quality.

Ukrainian developments are at the level of European brands and are as good if not better in its reliability and ergonomics.

Features of the Explode series

The company's range has everything you need to complete a gym, fitness centre or home sports corner. The original design fits into any interior, and the wide functionality allows it to withstand loads of various users during the day.

Functionality - that is a distinctive feature of the exercisers. If you need a wide profile which you can equip with additional attachments - this is a perfect solution. On basic and additional blocks, you can perform exercises of various types: from ball throwing to power squats.

In the range, you can find decent models not only for functional training but also for power extreme training. Therefore, choose the Explode exercisers without any hesitation - the world-class sports training equipment.

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