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Pegboards (climbing boards)

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Climbing at home

Athletes engaged in different types of sport are unanimous in one opinion: a proper climbing pegboard is a universal exerciser for everyone. It helps not only to develop the strength of the hands but also to improve the performance of an entire body. What is more, its compact size allows you to train even at home, you don't have to go to a climbing gym.

This equipment consists of a wooden board with round holes of the same size. With the help of special handles in the form of a cylinder, an athlete can move in any direction: sideways, up and down. At the same time, he does not overwork his forearms and fingers and can train his hands properly.

How to work out with the equipment?

The technique is pretty simple: an athlete grabs the bars and starts moving upwards on the equipment. To do this, he holds the bars and uses adjacent holes to climb. Such training allows you to develop your hands, shoulders, chest and back. Before you begin a workout, it is essential to warm up properly. So you will get the maximum result, which you could not even dream of.

Types of models

The models differ in size and in the way they are placed. The high and wide equipment is usually installed in a climbing gym, with a good angle of inclination. But, if you need an equipment for home use, then it's better to choose more compact options.

Pegboards are universal because they can be placed both vertically and horizontally. In the range of our online store, you can find both options, for different types of muscles. Therefore, depending on the level of the load, you can independently choose the direction of movement. Even training on the campus board is not as effective as this equipment since successful climbing depends to a big extent on the strength of the fingers.

Effective workout

To strengthen the upper body and develop the hand muscles - such equipment is essential, despite its simple structure. And although the equipment will be difficult for beginners, after a month of constant training you will get an impressive result. Your stamina and strength will be increasing with every day.

To begin with, it will be enough to spend five minutes on a pegboard, so do not overload yourself. It is better to set a norm of 3-4 sets. And gradually increase the load, if you feel the need. Such workout is even more effective for an athlete than a pull-up exercise.

All in all, keep in mind that good equipment is essential for a decent training!

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