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Plyo boxes

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A milestone in CrossFit

This type of training is not just about an intensive pace of exercise, but also about itё`s different levels of complexity. If you think you've tried all of them and there is nothing else to surprise you, then try the plyo boxes that will definitely change the way you used to work out. This is a special block made of plywood or metal, which the athlete jumps on. Changing the equipment, in particular, it`s height, you can increase or decrease the complexity of the training.

What are the advantages?

Since the point of the exercises is jumping, many people think that it's not effective enough. In fact, it is an active training of the upper and lower parts of the body, as the explosive force develops. What are the benefits for the body?

There are several important advantages that impress:

  • It increases the elasticity of muscles;
  • Musculature is strengthened and excess calories are burnt;
  • A proper cardio load is achieved;
  • The level of endurance is increased;
  • The healthy development of the respiratory system.

To begin training, choose a small plyo box. The first jumps should be performed with repetitions, having sets with breaks. Increase the intensity of training with a simple formula: the less you stay on the floor, the faster you will feel the result.

Beginners should always take into account the height of the plyo box, since even a couple of millimetres do matter. Later, you can also consider adding weights of different types, in order to gradually increase the load. Dumbbells and weight plates will be suitable for this purpose. But, this option is available only after mastering the basic level of training, in order not to get overload.

How to choose a plyo box?

Plywood models are versatile, especially if you choose a model with different size. With the help of additional stiffeners, a wide platform is fixed and stable. Therefore, when you master 50 cm plyo box, you can turn the equipment and get the more complex option for jumping.

Metal is a guarantee of reliable structure and yet it is simple in design. Usually, the metal frame is specially rubberized to ensure the safety of an athlete.

A rubber mat not only protects against slipping but also ensures the stability of the equipment.

Crossfit at home as well as outdoors with such equipment will help you to develop all your skills!

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