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GHD exercisers

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Roman chair for the true emperor of the sports world

Hyperextensions or GHD exercisers allow you to perform a workout with basic exercises and at the same time do it simply. This device helps to actively train the lower back, and at the same time to change the routine, which depends on the technique of the exercise. The real freedom of actions depends only on the level of the desired load.

Especially it is suitable for:

  • those who have a sedentary lifestyle;
  • have certain diseases of the spine, ligaments and general disorders;
  • beginners who have not yet got used to multi-joint exercises.

The main advantages of such models

These products were designed according to the latest trends of the leading manufacturers. This is the most stable and high-quality of all existing options, which corresponds to European standards.

And that's why you should choose this product:

  • Reinforced connections of pipe assemblies;
  • Metal of optimal thickness;
  • The paint is sprayed on the product;
  • The molded pads are of high density;
  • Robust design;
  • Special clamping screws;
  • Internal metal frame in the pads for a greater rigidity;
  • There are no plastic plugs to create greater reliability;
  • Additional short weight for perforation;
  • Transportability is provided by additional wheels, a hinge for the combat rope, a pin for weight plates.

Effect of the exercise equipment on muscles

And although conditionally users divide separately models for the abs and back, regardless of their destination, they get the proper load on the abs, buttocks, back and hamstrings. The only difference is in the technical characteristics and results only in the way the exercises are performed and how the goals are set. In order to select the best program for this equipment, you need to determine the required level of load.

For instance, GHD exercisers can be used only for warming up before the actual workout, or it is possible, to create a set of strength training exercises with weights. But, trainers usually define two categories: reverse and classical hyperextension.

Reverse crunches are a classic option. So you securely fix your feet, rest on the pillow with your stomach, and then make the bows back and forth. So the flexors of the back are developed - basically, and the pectoral girdle gets smaller load. The reverse crunches are easy to perform. It looks like a horizontal bench, and the main training is on the legs. This is the safest option for knee joints.

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