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A perfect preparation for strength training

Moderate physical activities ensure a healthy, well-built body. A set of various exercises with balls for CrossFit is aimed at strengthening the muscles, development of endurance, strength and coordination. The compact size of the equipment allows you to practice both in a gym and at home. Regular exercises with such device is an excellent warm-up before a full training.

How to choose the right equipment

Beginner admirers of a healthy lifestyle, are recommended to use smaller weight (2 to 5 kg), thus it will not create a risk to the fragile muscles. The load should be increased gradually. Advanced CrossFit athletes choose the weight up to 40 kg.

The exercise equipment can be divided into such basic types:

  1. Medball. Such medical ball is designed for aerobic and strength training. Suitable for throws against a wall or floor, rollover with a partner, shifts, grips. The soft shell of the stuffed device provides safety and comfort of the training. It should be noted that the medball absorbs the maximum impact.
  2. Slamball. Gel or sand can be used as a filler, thuswise the sports equipment does not have jumping properties. Non-slip rubber coating ensures a reliable grip of the device. Most popular exercises:
    • The throws against the wall and the floor;
    • use for squats, lunges, push-ups.
  3. With handles. A perfect alternative to weights. Wear resistant material allows you to perform active throws. Often have a texturised coating, which ensures a better grip.

All CrossFit balls are made of environmentally friendly and high-quality materials. People of any age group and with different levels of physical fitness can train with such piece of equipment.

Take care of your health, strength and stamina, using the best sports equipment!

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