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Bars - a combination of power and refinement of design

In any gym, there are three main zones conditionally defined: strength, cardio and fitness. With a help of power equipment, you can increase muscle mass, give a necessary shape, pump the body or to work on a specific area. The workout with a barbell is a classic in the world of sports. The product consists of disks and a bar, on which the weights are put on, as well as locks for secure fixation of plates.

The Explode has combined the best features in its models that make it possible to get the most out of every training session. The design is able to withstand heavy loads with a large number of approaches. The equipment is made of alloyed steel that testifies to the highest durability. Each bar is produced in accordance with the Olympic standards. The manufacturer's range includes metal rods for both women and men. They are different in shape, intended purpose (for competitions or trainings), the permissible level of load. Models with handles, shortened, elongated - everyone will find an option for a full training process. The non-slip base provides a comfortable grip with the hands.

The length of the bar depends on the training conditions and the tasks to be performed. The ideal length for a comfortable workout is - 140 cm (the Olympic standard is - 220 cm). The disks are put on the bar and securely locked with a lock to prevent them from sliding off during the training. Plates of the same diameter correspond to each fit diameter. The latest strength training equipment is made in a stylish black color. Products at the same time combine the power and refinement of design. First-class sports equipment to improve power results is ideal for beginners and professional athletes. Excellent results can be achieved only with systematic training using high quality the Explode bars.

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