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Parallel bars

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Parallel bars - a solution to anything!

If you need reliable parallel bars for home workouts, you should consider some key moments. If you have looked through our catalogue and can't decide between several models, then we will help you to choose the most suitable one.

Length of the product

One of the main parameters is the space for the leg swing with a support on the hands. To perform this exercise, the parallel bars should be of an optimal size so that the workouts were safe.

In common stores, the presented parallel bars are not suitable for classical training. Most of them are designed for exercises, in which height is not a key indicator. Therefore, if you want to get the proper load and perform an entire program, be sure to choose only parallel bars of maximum length. In our store only quality products are presented, suitable for both home and gyms.

Is it possible to transport?

If you are looking for a model for home use, then you should decide whether you are going to transport it. You should consider the space of the room which you are going to place the equipment in. You can do without relocation all your furniture if you take into account the parameters of the equipment in the selection process.

Characteristics of the product

Choosing the required height of the equipment, consider the training program you are going to perform on it. For example, for beginners, the parallel bars are set at a required level for an L-position. The same goes for professional athletes who can do push-ups and stand on their hands. Usually, if you don't have enough of strength in your hands, you can not keep your legs in parallel with the pipes. Therefore, so that you do not have to lower them every time, choose a high structure.

Since there is no such problem with L-position for experienced athletes, they need a height for other purposes: to perform a stand on their hands with push-ups. When doing the exercise on a good equipment, the user's head will not fall below the beams. Optimum height for such parallel bars should be the half of the athlete's height.

We wish you pleasant workouts and hope that you will make a good choice.

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