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Cardio equipment

Loads of the Cardio World

Do you want to start training and do not know how to choose the right equipment? In order to cope with this task, many factors should be considered: the purpose of training, the budget, the age of the user, the gender and the place where the equipment will be installed. In our wide range of cardiovascular equipment, there should be a model for you - and we will help you to find it!

Depending on the target

  • A lever stepper is a good option for those who want to develop the shoulder girdle and the back of the thigh. Basic and inexpensive purchase.
  • A treadmill helps to strengthen the cardiovascular system and effectively lose weight.
  • A rowing machine is a model for those who want to train all muscles at the same time and thus form a perfect body shape.
  • An elliptical trainer is a good option that gives a minimal load on the spine and joints, allowing you to work on the important parts of the body.
  • An exercise bike shows excellent results in rehabilitation training and perfectly strengthens heart and blood vessels.

Which option to choose?

  • If this is a purchase for a family or a gym - determine the maximum weight of the user. Although modern models have excellent functionality, they are still limited to a certain number.
  • Pay attention to where the exercise machine will be installed. If you are limited in space, then it's worth thinking about horizontal models.
  • The budget which you can afford is important. If you are patient and persistent, you can lose weight on an inexpensive equipment. But, if you want to get the fastest result possible, it's better to invest in such an important purchase.
  • Take a good look at your health. Most often, if the user has some problems with the knees, joints or spine, it is better to choose a horizontal exercise bike. If you have diseases of the musculoskeletal system, it is better to choose an elliptical model.
  • Goods in the catalogue can be divided into suitable for beginners and advanced athletes. The difference lies in the characteristics of the products. Therefore, you should check it with our manager.
  • The computer help can also play a role in the process of your training. The athlete should always see changes in his parameters, but the availability of additional options will be a pleasant bonus.

Now you know how to make a choice - we wish you good luck!

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