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Sleds and yokes

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Strength exercise solutions for home and gym

Despite the fact that the name of the exerciser can remind of childhood and winter adventures, in fact - this is an equipment, which has no analogues in the world. This product is an indicator of a gym professional level: with its presence that you can determine whether the gym is worthy. Therefore, if you need high-quality professional equipment for your gym or just for home use, you can easily find a model in our catalog. This equipment is most suitable for serious crossfit training that will help you achieve the desired result. We offer you quality products for a modern stylish room for crossfit, which will accurately bring you the rewards.

Choose a CrossFit sled

Classic sleds for crossfit is special equipment that provides ideal conditions for functional training. The items of our production have an affordable price and a robust design, with no needless details. That's why if you want to buy equipment for home or to equip your fitness club, you can choose this option without any hesitation.

The design of this equipment is considered universal, since it has sufficient rigidity. Since these reliable products are designed to develop outstanding strength and endurance, they can withstand constant loads. Athletes push, pull using force and speed, so the models have a high level of wear resistance. Moreover, additional holes in the ski allow you to increase the range of exercises performed by adding a handle.

Best for tournaments

Yoke is a favorite equipment for the participants of world-class tournaments, because performing exercises on it is a genuine pleasure. Its main purpose is to qualitatively train the muscles of the back, providing athletes with a wide variety of exercises. The prototype of this equipment was the usual shoulder-yoke from the last century, but in the modern version. The structure is suitable not only for girls, but also athletes of any direction. This is quite a comprehensive equipment, but it is quite easy to handle. Sleds and yokes are not such popular items as weight exercise machines or cardio models. Nevertheless, their loyal fans claim that this is the most comfortable and effective equipment. Therefore, if you choose this sports gear - you will make the right choice.

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