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Dumbbells - a universal tool for effective trainings

Strength training - physical exercises that are aimed at muscle formation, strengthening of the joints and general physical efficiency of the body. Reliability, safety, quality - the characteristics of first-class sports equipment. Such kind of equipment is the dumbbells Explode. Effectively affecting on biceps, triceps, deltoid muscles - anything is possible with this manufacturer's products. Highest quality equipment resists heavy “non-stop” loads 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so it is perfect for commercial use.

Dumbbells are manufactured in accordance with the standards and norms of European requirements, which indicate the highest strength and safety. Each model has a fully cast design that is well thought-out to the smallest detail. Hexagonal shape gives additional stability (can be used, for example, as a push-ups support, plank, etc.). The bar has a chrome plated finish and a milled profile for a secure grip. Loads are covered with high-strength synthetic rubber. This coating protects the surface when sports equipment falls.

The equipment has a number of advantages, which makes it different from other brands:

- withstands dynamic loads;

- solid construction (no risk of slipping disks);

- does not damage the floor surface when falling;

- reduces the noise level when touching a stand or other units.

The Explode dumbbells are a universal tool for effective training, both for beginners and experienced athletes. Various training programs will strengthen muscles of the back, arms and shoulder girdle. Workouts should start with a minimum weight, gradually increasing the load. The manufacturer's range includes variants of different weights, which will allow for each athlete to find his or her own variant.

A well-planned training program, high-quality equipment, compliance with each approach and regularity of the training are the right set for all and everyone who aims to get the most out of every training session.

The Explode dumbbells - professional simulators for the complete pumping of the whole body.

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