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Weight plates

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Weight plates - an essential attribute of power training

Power training is a classic in the world of sports. Exercises with weights allow you to form muscle mass, give muscular shape. To maximize the impact of each training program, it is necessary to use quality equipment. The Explode weight plates are designed for a real champions who are not used to stopping for difficulties. Professional products are made of the highest quality materials and resist the most intensive “non-stop” loads. They act as weights, allowing the athlete to change the load level.

The manufacturer presents two types of products:

The bumper weight plates - are made of solid dense rubber. This design is intended for weightlifting tasks, intensive and functional trainings. Due to the material used, distinguished by reliability, durability and ergonomics, they do not damage the floor surface when falling. Prevents scratches and other mechanical damage to the racks. Suitable for workouts (black color) and for competitions (colored: each weight plate has a specific color). The entire weight range is presented: 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 kg with weight markings.

The depreciation weight plates - characterized by a stylish design. The products are aged in the classic black color. On the surface of each plate there is a relief weight marker and the name of the brand. The core of the construction is made of stainless steel. The sturdy rubber coating is characterized by its elasticity and provides maximum comfort when working with sports equipment.

These plates are manufactured according to the Olympic standards, which indicate the highest quality and reliability. The weighting agents withstand complex loads and are characterized by excellent functional properties. Both beginners and experienced athletes can improve their performance using first-class equipment. Systematic trainings help to increase muscle mass, develop strength, coordination and endurance, and develop the circulatory and respiratory system.

Sturdy sports equipment is preferred by the best fitness clubs, which are concerned about the safety of each visitor.

The professional Explode weight plates have characteristics that distinguish them among the analogues of the world's leading manufacturers

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